Winter Watering? | Freshwater Landscapes Madison Heights, Lovingston,Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Bedford Forest, Amherst

The Fall season has typically been a great time to plant, because of the low maintenance requirements involved. In the past, my philosophy has been to plant, water once, and then let it go through the Winter on it’s own. However, with change in seasonal temperatures the winter has become much warmer and dryer. Newly planted shrubs and trees require more moisture, particularly Pines, Spruce, Hemlock, and Magnolia. Evergreens, such as these transpire moisture through their leaves. Say you’re in January and the temperature is 75 degrees and over a 24 hour period it drops 60 degrees. The ground is dry, the wind is blowing 40 mph and your newly planted Holly is literally wilting like an Azalea in Summer. In order for plants to withstand harsh, dry winter conditions, the soil needs to be moist. We now water more in the Winter when necessary.

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