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Design and Installation

Whether you’re building and moving into a new home, buying an existing property or looking to spruce up your existing residence or rental, we can help you develop a plan that will transform your landscape into a breath of fresh air.


There’s nothing like a sparkling tomato picked from a healthy branch, or a Dogwood in full bloom that drapes the sky, or a beautifully edged and mulched foundation bed. Goes to say that the fun in landscape maintenance is to behold the beauty your work entertains. From master pruning to fertilization, pest control and transplanting, our objective is to enjoy your landscape
with you while we take care of it for you.



My old Holly hedge has started to die back and has become increasingly less tolerable. The perennial bed adjacent to it is overgrown and needs a fresh start. After years of neglect we are finding it necessary to improve the appearance of our back yard sitting areas. When I walk up the steps to the patio and have a look at this horrible mess, I take notice that there are quite a few pavers loose. And after stumbling a few times, I realize it is time for a refurbish, a new look.


You may need a retaining wall to keep a bank from eroding, a patio in the side yard to entertain guests, or a walkway out to the pavilion from your newly constructed deck. Even a fire pit would be a functional feature, so that you and the wife could sit under an Autumn moon, have a beer in the moonlight and enjoy a few friends.

Seasonal Color

In the wake of each season, have a landscape teaming with bold color. We can plant annual and or perennial flowers to change with the seasons and allow interest to flow through out the year. There’s nothing like the site of Pansies blooming on a crystalline winters morning, poking out of the snow with the sun streaming through the bare trees.

Native and Shadescapes

Maybe you’re into walking the trails, enjoying the natural beauty of the woods, taking pictures of the indigenous plants and biking throughout the costal forest. At home you’d like to recreate some of this wonder. Or maybe you have real shady areas that won’t grow grass or little of anything. It could be time to turn some of these, hard to garden spots, into native and shade loving plant beds.

Organic Gardens

You’ve always loved vegetables and herbs and growing your own for freshness, health and sharing with friends and neighbors. These are good reasons to get some garden areas prepared and planted. You are very in tune with the no chemical approach and would like some help developing an editable landscape, an orchard or perhaps an outdoor kitchen.

Trees – Forestation

All the facts about how trees benefit our planet and impact our lives can’t be listed here; As a matter of fact a fraction of them can’t. So I will leave this study to another platform of further discussion and mention one single attribute that can’t be dismissed. As simply as it gets, shade is the most awesome thing thats ever been invented on the face of the planet.

Wrought Iron

For distinction, as a hardscape feature, wrought iron gates, rails and fences are a marvelous aesthetic addition. What an incredible back drop along a stone wall or going down along those brick steps. There’s nothing more elegant than an entry with wrought iron gates framed by stone columns.

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