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We provide a full service landscape company. Our focus is to help you create a landscape that is not only beautiful, but functional, manageable and suits your budget as well. We work with you to solve problems in difficult areas of your landscape. We can provide ideas for a variety of outdoor living areas and gardens for your enjoyment.

Our business provides design and installation for foundation plantings, special interest and accent areas. This includes shrubs, flowers, shade and ornamental trees, vegetable and herbal gardens, ground covers, forestation and more.

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Design & Installation

Are you in the process of trying to figure out the next step of your landscape project? If so, we can provide you with a sketch or a detailed, scaled drawing as a guideline to help you complete your vision. In some instances you may not have a clue as to what you want to

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So you enjoy your property, your gardens, your trees and the beauty of your landscapes, but you don’t have the time or resources to give them the proper care. Your evenings and weekends are filled with providing for the family’s needs. We can be the instrument that orchestrates the plan to keep your outdoor living

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Whether you need a fence to create privacy, a backyard run for your dog or a flagstone walkway for the garden path, we can provide you with choices that will complement your landscape. Maybe you need a rock or block wall to retain a sloped area, with wrought iron rails leading up towards a terrace

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The shrubs around your home were planted 25 years ago and are dying out, a bank is eroding and needs help, over time you’ve lost some trees and your miss the shade they provided. You need repair on a stone wall or walkway. The grass is just a mess, full of weeds and needs a

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Dream, Envision, Plan, Implement

Why Choose Freshwater Landscapes

We Care about the Planet

We choose to beautify, but greater than that, we choose to walk softly.

Years of Experience

It’s been a long and wonderful trip through the landscapes of the world and we find ourselves appreciative, as the journey continues to unfold.

To Help Achieve Goals

We are not here solely for ourselves but to help the world in its struggles and its celebrations. If there is a special event on the horizon or if your project seems overwhelming, we can lighten your load.

Peace and Serenity

At the end of the day, you can walk through your landscape with a calm sense of connection to nature. In the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyles, no matter where we live, we need a place to unwind and let our troubles float away. Our landscapes are our personal ...

Tree and Plant Specialists

The plant kingdom is vast and my love for the flora unequaled. Each day there is something new, something exciting to learn, to share. Someone asked me onetime, “how is it you became a nurseryman?” and I replied, “how is it you did not.”.

Honest And Dependable

We wouldn’t want to mess up any karma…especially our own.

Over 40 Years Of Beautifying The Planet

Loving the natural beauty of nature, bringing its glories into the gardens of
of our lives and surrounding our homes with treasures beyond the surface of
our every day reality

We Enjoy Your Landscape With You - While We Take Care Of It For You